Do you need to remodel the house?

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect property, but your inspection report puts out warning signs? Many existing houses in Geelong are built on stumps and it is possible that your inspection of the building is known to require renovation. If you are looking for restumping services in your local are then you should search for “house restumping near me” on the internet. You will find many of them but it is still difficult to find the best restumping services.

What does Restumping mean?

Many houses in Geelong are built on stumps, blocks or support columns. Over time, the concrete and tree stumps may be damaged or, due to the movement of the ground, the stumps may shift and the house may be supported higher. Restumping involves the removal and replacement of old stumps of the house. Your building inspector can quickly find out if your property needs renovation.

What is the difference between restumping and underpinning?

Restumping (or re-blocking) involves the professional removal and replacement of existing wood in concrete stumps. The substructure refers to houses built of concrete slabs, where additional concrete is placed under the existing concrete slabs to strengthen the foundation, which has become unstable.

How do I know my home is in need of restumping?

Some of the key indicators that digging is required include sloping floors, doors and windows that cannot be broken or closed, cracks in the exterior and interior walls, and visible signs of stump damage. A quality building inspector can quickly determine if your house needs to be restored and can provide an estimate of the work involved. Let’s take a closer look at the signs that renewal is needed.

Sloping floors

Of course, if your floors are not flat, something is going on under your house. Reducing the pressure on weak stumps in the house can cause your floors. Sometimes it’s not visible, but when you see things rolling on the floor without pushing, the floors are probably not flat.


Soft floors are definitely a problem and we should not forget them. Quickly inspect what is happening, such as the deflection of wooden floor elements such as beams and beams, and so on.

The door will not close

Your doors or windows will not work properly; they used to be completely closed, but over time they decided not to cooperate. This is the time to ask about the basics of your home and what will happen to your stumps.

Cracks in the inner or outer walls

Damage to stumps will cause your house to move. Over time, moving into your home will cause structural damage. Do you see cracks in the walls, plaster or tiles? Think about what’s going on under your house.

If your home inspection report recommends reconsideration, you should do so. Solid foundations are the key to a safe home. If your stumps fail under your feet, your structural damage will begin to show. Repairing the associated structural damage can ultimately be costly. Not only that, but if you leave the stumps in your house undamaged, you can still have serious consequences; complete collapse of the structure. Ask Geelong Restumping Solutions to have your foundation repaired immediately and you can avoid it.

Reasons why the stumps of the house were damaged

Every property is different, but the most common stump damage includes:

Soil conditions:

If the lower part is not OK, the stumps need to be replaced. For example, poor drainage and leaking pipes can affect wood bonding. Wet soil is not good for the strength of the foundations of your home.

Insect invasion:

The little white ants that are common are extremely harmful. An ant can literally eat the stumps of your house below you. There are ways to control the termite plague, but it may be too late to save the stumps.

Geelong Restumping Solutions are the best choice for your house in need

For professional home restoration services in Geelong and surrounding areas, contact Geelong Restumping Solutions for professional and inexpensive assistance. Our team of experts, who work immediately for the convenience of our customers, can ensure the renovation of all types of real estate – large and small – and always clean for your convenience.

It is advisable to refill before starting any repairs. Our team can inspect your property, determine the required level of work and offer the most efficient solution. Restumping means replacing old or damaged stumps with concrete or steel stumps of your choice to better protect and strengthen the foundations of your home. It can also save you money in the long run by avoiding future problems.

Restumping offers a great way to increase the value and longevity of your home. With our extensive industry experience, we can offer the best house restumping services in Geelong. We can also meet your recovery needs in the southeast suburbs. Feel free to contact us and find out more about how restumping can be the perfect solution for you.