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Consider The Following When Restumping Your Home

When your house stumps have deteriorated or spoiled due to an excess of moisture in the soil, you must replace them immediately. Restumping is a prudent choice, especially if you are planning a home renovation. The house stumps degrade in quality over time and become damaged as a result of the added structural pressure. Restumping enables your home to withstand the test of time.

When Do You Need to Restump Your House?

Are there any cracks in the exterior walls? Are the floors in any way uneven? Unless your house is built on solid concrete stumps, you will need to budget for future restumping. Restumping a home is not a simple task. If not done properly, it can have long-term detrimental effects on your home.

Typical Signs That Your House Is in Need of Restumping

  • Continuous cracking in the interior walls is a sign that your home’s walls need to be restumped.
  • If you suddenly encounter uneven or bowed floors, restumping is required.
  • Cracks and structural damage on the exterior indicate that your house requires restumping.

Each house is built on a unique soil texture, and as a result, it will deteriorate in a variety of ways. If the stumps are weak and untreated from the start, they can result in the building collapsing partially or completely in the future.

If you don’t want to spend additional money restumping the entire house, you can restump a few severely damaged areas. However, some stumps that appear to be in good condition may later collapse, necessitating additional restumping. So, it’s better to avoid taking risks and have the whole structure re-supported.

What Is Included in Restumping?

Restumping is the process of resetting or replacing rotten stumps and raising the structure. The contractor will identify the stumps that require replacement. The floor levels are thoroughly examined throughout the process. Following that, the house is slightly jacked up, which can result in damaged plaster, tiles, and doorframes, among other issues. Restumping companies now use concrete stumps, which are more durable than wood stumps. To get more details on the topic, do an online search using the term house restumping near me.”

Decide Wisely on the Best Stumping Option

In recent years, the majority of houses have been restumped with concrete or galvanized steel stumps. They are not as prone to damage, termite attack, or wear and tear as wood is. Steel stumps, on the other hand, are simple to install and easily adjustable. As a result, steel stumps are the preferred option, and they are also worth the time and money.

How Much Does House Restumping Cost?

The cost of restumping is based on a lot of different things, like the size and layout of your building, where it is, how healthy the soil is, and how much floor space it has.


While this can be an expensive endeavor, it is preferable to hire professional contractors who are capable of performing the task with precision and excellence. Restumping is a time-consuming and difficult job, so it’s best to have it done right to make sure your home’s structure is safe.