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Reblocking & Releveling Melton

As you come over the hill on the Great Ocean Road, the sun is breaking through and bathing this blue gem in golden light. You get a glimpse of modern living within lush surroundings, down towards the harbour and up into the hills. Melton is a coastal satellite city of Melbourne, situated on the outskirts of Port Phillip Bay. It is located 169 km from Melbourne and 85 km from Geelong. Settled in 1838, Melton was chosen for its central location within Victoria and for its proximity to the mountain ranges to the north-east – areas rich in gold-bearing strata.

Like so many homeowners and building professionals in Melton, we use the best materials to put in our floors, countertops, and cabinets. However, we don’t just focus on quality. One of the advantages of hiring our Restumping Melton team is that we provide our clients with a long-lasting floor. Long-lasting floors can save you a lot of money in the long run because they are less likely to wear out or crack. 

What is the difference between Restumping and underpinning?

Restumping is the process of replacing existing stumps that are found under the house. Proprietors of this type of restoration have to do comprehensive preservation work that includes repair, stability testing and watertightness tests prior to re-plastering or restoring.

Underpinning is when the supports holding foundations are strengthened or replaced. It includes excavation of large 1m x 1m pits that are used to reinforce and support the footing of the structure. This is done where there is a concrete slab as the footing system of a structure, rather than stumps.

Our team of professionals at Restumping Melton will always do a thorough inspection of your property to determine the best option for delivering a lasting solution to the problem you face. 

At Geelong Restumping Solutions, we’re dedicated to doing the right thing for our community and our customers, so we make sure we always deliver on time and within budget. Most of all, we focus on providing unparalleled service.  

The Restumping Process

Restumping is a process that many homeowners are not aware of. It means that the old footings have been removed and, depending on the soil structure, will require other work to be done in order for our experts to be able to back fill, dig and replace with new soil. This is a very detailed and skilled job that only certified professionals can do properly. 

We have spent years training our team members at Restumping Melton who are fully up-to-date with all of the latest technology, so we can install a new foundation in your home or property quickly with durable results. Our team at Restumping Melton are able to back fill, remove and replace soil in as little as two days and back fill again in another two days. This is why we are the best at what we do.

Restumping Bendigo team preparing new concrete stumps

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