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Reblocking & Releveling Werribee

Weribbee is a small coastal village on the Eastern coast of Australia. It is known for its wildlife and ocean views, which you will get to experience on your visit. You can find both natural and unnatural landmarks in Werribee: from rock formations created by erosion to old mines and more recently built homes. There are many scenic lookouts and trails, which you can all walk along to see the different landscapes, plants and animals in Werribee. There are fifteen authentic ocean-side homes in Werribee, where you can spend either a couple of days or even an entire week.

For many years, our team have been Restumping Werribee and have served the local real estate industry by providing new restumping, reblocking & releveling services and have completed many jobs without a hitch. Hiring us to get the service you need for your property is the perfect way to give your new infrastructure long-lasting stability.

Why Should You Hire Our Team?

At Geelong Restumping Solutions, we’re dedicated to doing the right thing for our community and our customers, so we make sure we always deliver on time and within budget. Most of all, we focus on providing unparalleled service.  

Do I Need Restumping?

House stumps are what support your house and over time these may break down due to a multitude of reasons. You’ll find them in homes that are not built on slabs, and in older houses, they’re typically made from wood.

If your deck sags or has an uneven surface, you will need restumping. This can be expensive so many people choose to just continue to live with it. It’s worth looking into to see if this is an option for you , because restumping can help extend the life of your deck and save you a ton of money in the long run.

Give us a shout if you need home restumping in Werribee. We will be waiting to get to your home and stabilise the foundation so it’s no longer an unsafe place with unstable floors. 

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